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Accessibility can be defined as the “extent to which a consumer or user can obtain a good or service at the time it is needed.”

Despite ADA requirements, most of the time, the burden falls on the disabled to ensure that spaces have adequate accommodations to suit their needs to access spaces. This originates from ableism rooted in societal norms and expectations that most able-bodied people are not aware of.

In this iteration of my work, I seek to subvert the current norm of an “accessible” gallery space by constructing an environment that was created with accessibility for the disabled at the forefront. By using familiar signifiers of a typical gallery space, gold frames, the expected genres of “High Art,” name plaques, as well as having a space architecturally similar to that of a room- I comment on the societal norm of an art gallery as opposed to one built with an accessible framework.

Access Install: Photo Gallery
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