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Dissected into parts, I live a fragmented reality. This series is heavily influenced by this; it reflects my bodily knowledge of the world as an invisibly disabled and chronically ill person.  The imagery in Removed is dually abstract and photographic in nature and is paired with text to communicate ideas and redefine social signifiers. The idea of place, whether in reference to a physical space, a point in time, time itself, or a historical timeline (personal and societal), is readily apparent. This work starts a dialogue surrounding assumed norms and the idea of being ‘removed’ due to its presentation. Removed also acts as a way to legitimize my experiences through the labor required for the print techniques used and the execution of them. My text, coupled with imagery, allows for audience participation through presenting this topic in a way that people of different experiences can enter a discussion around how our society prioritizes and assumes an able-body.

Removed Series: Photo Gallery
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