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In this iteration of work, I am thinking about the history of my body. Through the use of cyanotype, I have created a collection of blueprints. These blueprints offer a snapshot of my body; a look into a singular moment(s) by way of text and image. Paired with this are my photopolymer etchings in which time is literally depicted passing by nature of how the imagery was generated.
The text present, a collection of digital statements of me chronicling thoughts, feelings, and events in reference to my chronic illnesses/disability, is a way in which the viewer is able to peer into my past/current to inform the imagery offered. In this installation, I was mindful of visual pacing. The way in which my prints are hung not only offer periods of rest and contemplation for the viewer, it also forces audience members to move their bodies through space and time.

Not Being Able to Breathe: Photo Gallery
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