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With this series, I am using abstraction as a way to further investigate my relationship with my chronically ill and disabled body. This exploration of self functions as portraiture through indirect means of representation. Spoons, references to bodily textures, and text serve as vehicles to simultaneously remove and connect myself to the content of the series. This ‘portrait’ of sorts can be applied to a certain group of people; my work and symbols depicted within it offer a deeper meaning, or an “inside joke” so to speak, only accessible to those who are aware of a certain set of language that relates to the chronically ill/disabled community. This conversation about intentionally restricted accessibility serves as a parallel to life as many spaces are not made accessible to the disabled. This idea is also reinforced by way of installation. The fact that the prints are not hung at gallery height and the differing levels of accessibility that this offers further speaks to the idea of spaces not being considered from a viewpoint other than from an abled perspective.

Chronic Series: Photo Gallery
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