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Plaster gauze, vinyl spackling, monofilament

This installation is meant to start a dialogue about invisible disabilities/illnesses. The fragmented human form is comprised of cast parts that are affected by my own invisible disabilities the most. The figure is eternally bound to wait for an elevator with enough space for it to board. Too often people who physically can not or should not take the stairs are forced to either be late to class from waiting for an elevator with room or risk their well-being by taking the stairs. This piece is meant to make the viewer slightly uncomfortable and to force them to confront the reality of being in a space with such an eerie presence while they wait for the elevator. This conversation is an important one to have as roughly half of the American population lives with at least one chronic condition and 74% of disabled people do not use assistive equipment. For those who are able-bodied, these statistics are important to remember so that they can help inform certain choices made throughout one’s daily life. Invisible Disability Awareness Week 2016 is October 16-22. I encourage people to use my piece as a stepping stone to start conversations surrounding this topic.

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